Why do you need a native design file?

Native files output rich manufacturing data that make the manufacturing process faster and cheaper for the customer. Our internal automation tools pull in much more data from a native file than traditional gerbers and assembly files.

Am I required to use a custom BOM template?

No, but if you would like to make use of our instant quoting feature, you'll need to utilize our BOM template file.

Do I have to set up an NDA with you?


What are your minimum and maximum quantities?

Our minimum quantity is 1. For our Standard 3 Day Delivery Service, we support quantities up to 100. For our Custom Turnkey Manufacturing Service (>=3 days), we support quantities up to 250.

How long do your quotes take?

Most quotes are returned within 2 hours. Quotes that include PCBs with exotic features are returned within 24 hours.

Does the quote include everything?

Yes. It includes fabrication of circuit boards, components, assembly, and same day courier cost or overnight shipping.

Does Tempo ship internationally?

Tempo does not currently ship internationally



Can you do exotic board features?

Yes. We have an advanced fabrication process - just include the features you'd like in the notes section of your quote request. For more info, see our capabilities page. In short, if you're not building an iPhone, we can build your boards :)

Do you provide assembly if we provide PCBs and components?

No. Our process is built for Turnkey PCB assembly. (Though, if only you have access to a particularly hard to source part, our process supports you shipping it to us).

Do you provide only fabrication?

No. At this time, we are focused on delivering a great turnkey assembly experience (where we source the boards and components and assemble and test them) and see offering other services as a distraction.

Are my design files secure?

Yes. We understand you're trusting us with your company's core technology, and we take that responsibility seriously. We use modern encryption technologies and cutting edge security best practices.

Can you do through-hole?

Yes. If the BOM you provide includes through-hole, the quote we send you includes the cost of through-hole population.

What kind of testing will Tempo do on my completed boards?

If requested, your bare PCBs will be tested at fabrication for good connections according to a netlist.. However, since each design is unique, we are unable to test fully assembled boards unless you provide detailed instructions and all needed software/equipment. Even then, you are the expert on your design and are best equipped to understand its function.

Something isn’t quite right with my boards - will you fix my problem?

If we made an error in fabricating or assembling your boards, we will rework or replace them at no cost to you. It’s that simple. We encourage you not to do rework yourself if at all possible - our team is made up of professionals who will be able to avoid cosmetic or structural damage to your prototypes during rework.


Components Sourcing & DFM

Where do you source the components from?

We prefer to source all components from Digi-key and Mouser - their consistent next-day delivery capabilities enable our short turn times. While we can purchase components from other vendors, there is a significant risk that boards will be delayed by extended delivery time. For components we cannot source, we will be in touch with you to source those parts or let you consign them.

Does Tempo have standard components that you'd like us to use?

We don't. Feel free to use whatever components you like and we will source them - we built in automation to accept a high-mix of components so that the assembly costs the same.

How do I let you know not to place certain components on the BOM?

You have two options:
a. Leave the out of the BOM
b. After you upload the BOM, you will have an option to select "Do Not Assemble":
Do not assemble

What if my designs don't pass Tempo's DFM?

We'll reach out to you immediately if your design needs any changes for manufacturability.

How can I best communicate component orientation for the assembly stage?

For two-lead components with orientation (like diodes), the clearest way to mark orientation is with + and - symbols in the silkscreen, or with a diode symbol where the arrow points toward the cathode. For more complex components like ICs, use a dot of silkscreen to indicate pin 1’s location. Be mindful of placing the markers where they will not be cut off or overwritten by other board features. If you plan to use a particular scheme to mark orientation, it is helpful to communicate this in assembly notes, such as those seen below.

Good orientation assembly notes



How do I consign components that Tempo cannot source?

When you upload your BOM, our automated BOM tool shows you which components we are unable to source from Digikey or Mouser. Please select "Customer Provides" for components you'd like to consign.

Consign parts


About Tempo

Where is Tempo Automation based?

We are based in the lovely Dogpatch area of San Francisco.

How did this company come about?

We've experienced the slow, tedious process of electronics development first-hand and wanted to do something about it. We've been inspired by software's ability to change numerous industries for the better and are excited about applying it to electronics manufacturing.

Electronics is a fundamental part of technology, and we believe that we can help design engineers create impact in the world by helping them iterate quickly and seamlessly.