See how Tempo’s software enables agile hardware development

Software-Accelerated PCBA Manufacturing

Tempo’s US-based software-driven smart factory merges data, analytics, and automation to deliver new levels of speed, quality, and insights essential for rapid hardware development. Get complex printed circuit board assemblies in days, not weeks.

What We Do

Tempo Automation is the world’s fastest electronics manufacturer for prototyping and low-volume production of PCB assemblies. By developing and deploying proprietary factory automation software in its San Francisco-based smart factory, Tempo’s industry-leading speed, precision, and start-to-finish transparency enable agile hardware development. Customers are able to plan and execute product development and launch with levels of confidence and certainty not previously possible.

Rapid PCBA Prototyping

Quicker turns, faster iterations

– Quotes within hours
– Early DFM feedback
– Production in days, not weeks

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Low-Volume Production

Produce 1-1000 boards

– Aerospace and medical quality certifications
– Component-level parts traceability and board-level defect tracking
– X-Ray and AOI data forensics for debugging

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The Tempo Digital Thread

Our proprietary automation software creates an unbroken digital thread from design to delivery. This makes it possible to optimize the complex process of PCBA manufacturing for a new level of speed and precision.

Auto CAD
within Hours
Same Day
*Tempo's proprietary fabrication sim. Our customers get to see their boards before they're built.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Tempo Automation has delivered high quality builds in just a few days, which gives us that precious extra time for bring-up and debugging."
Dylan Jackson, Lead Embedded Engineer
Consumer Electronics Company
“Your boards even arrived before I could get a quote back from another provider.”
Electrical Engineer
Hitachi Metals
"You guys are changing the contract manufacturing industry!"
William Higgins, Product Development Engineer
Aerospace company
“I've experienced the worst of the worst from other CM’s in the 8 years I've been an EE. I'm floored that you guys delivered on time and with no quality issues.”
Electrical Engineer
GE Healthcare Life Sciences
“Being able to fail faster had a direct impact on our timeline.”
Jason Metzner, Lead Electrical Engineer
Invention Lab
“Tempo is one of those rare services that's so good, I’m almost hesitant to recommend them to others since they provide such a competitive advantage to us…”
Hardware Engineer

Our Certifications

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