ElectronicDesign + Tempo Webinar "3 PCB Manufacturing Trends You Must Know"

ElectronicDesign + Tempo Co-sponsored Webinar

Electronics engineering teams have consistently struggled with a DBT Cycle that is fundamentally slower than other engineering domains. To speed up the DBT Cycle, it is essential to solve the broken information flow or “data pipeline” between engineers and manufacturers that occurs between the transitions from Design to Build and Build to Test. 

Today, solving the design to manufacture information pipeline conundrum presents an enormous opportunity for the electronics manufacturing industry. Fixing this pipeline will allow manufacturers to become truly agile. 

In this ElectronicDesign and Tempo co-sponsored webinar, Tempo's Co-founder and VP of Product, Shashank Samala, and Product Marketing Manager, Malcolm Knapp,  have a lively discussion outlining the 3 PCB manufacturing trends that are enabling CMs like Tempo to help engineers accelerate electronics development:

  • Trend 1:   High Fidelity Data Transfer and Downstream Automation

  • Trend 2   Transparent Operation

  • Trend 3   Cross Build Collaboration

To access the 1 hour presentation and Q&A session, click the "Click to Access" button. 

Webinar Takeaways

  • Learn how data standardization is creating a unified communication system for engineers and manufacturers.
  • See examples of how cloud technology is fueling transparent manufacturing operations.
  • Gain insights into how big data and machine learning will enable greater engineer/manufacturer collaboration in the future.

Access the recording to learn about the trends accelerating DBT!


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