Setting the tempo - with a new level of speed and precision

Tempo is the world's fastest low-volume electronics manufacturer. Our advanced platform and software-driven automation takes the most complex ideas from design to desk in as fast as 3 days.

Who we are

Who we are and what we do

We help customers explore and realize ideas with a new level of speed and precision.

We believe human progress is only limited by the speed of the engineering cycle—every step from design to manufacturing adds friction to the creative process. That's why we're here to help engineers bring their ideas into the world with unmatched agility and precision.

Our team is dedicated to pushing the bounds of what's possible. We believe slow, error-prone, opaque and unpredictable manufacturing should be a relic of the past. So we’re building the manufacturing system that puts speed, precision, transparency and reliability front and center.

From rockets to robots, autonomous cars to drones, many of the fastest-moving companies are already working with us to optimize for a new level of business advantage. And set a new tempo for progress.

Who we are working with

We're orchestrating a deeply integrated ecosystem of partners to optimize manufacturing for a new level of speed and precision. Join us.

Become a Design Partner

Become a Design Partner

Want help with schematic, layout, or other Electrical Engineering services? We can connect you to our design partners, companies we’ve vetted with which our customers have succeeded. Please get in touch and we’ll help you find a match for your design needs.

Become a Fabrication Partner

Become a Fabrication Partner

We partner with fabrication vendors that have a track record of the highest quality, reliability, and speed. If a vendor passes our careful qualification process, they become part of our fabrication network.

Become a Component Distributor Partner

Become a Component Distributor Partner

We select component distributors with an excellent reputation for reliability. Our process matches each order’s digital BOM with our distributors’ inventory, availability and prices and closely integrates our internal system with each distributor to automate sourcing.

Become a Mid-to-High Volume Manufacturing Partner

Become a Mid-to-High Volume Manufacturing Partner

Many of our customers ask us to manufacture more than 250 units, but with our focus on low volume, we prefer to refer them to partners that match their needs. We partner with manufacturers with a track record for scalability, quality, and reliability—both in the US and offshore.

One service, many advantages

For Engineers
For Managers
For Purchasers

Optimize complex prototyping for a new level of speed and precision

Identify and resolve quality issues before they happen

Build your most complex boards at high speed

Hit deadlines & plan ahead with reliable on-time delivery

Transform your hardware development process for a new level of business advantage

Speed up your Time-to-Market - and Time-to-Revenue

Drive innovation agility, higher product quality and customer satisfaction

De-risk your process earlier and keep your programs on-target

Reduce process costs and complexity - transparently and predictably

Streamline project management with automated NDAs and POs

Prevent design issues before they become costly problems in production

Plan ahead with real-time quotes, order status and on-time delivery

Business value of rapid prototyping

Where we are going

Series A
Series B

Founding and a Small Robot

In 2013, Jeff, Jesse, and Shashank were frustrated with the speed and quality of electronics development. Their first idea was to build a robot: a desktop PCB fabrication machine.

Desktop robot to automated factory

The group soon realized the fragmented value chain was the problem. They built their first software-controlled PCB factory in 2014, supplying hardware startups in the Bay Area.

Validating the Concept

The company pitched their factory concept to investors. By late 2015 Tempo raised $8M, led by Lux Capital and Uncork Capital (formerly SoftTech VC), to invest in state-of-the-art equipment and further build out software capabilities.

Enterprise Customers and Growth

Tempo's software-driven approach attracted enterprise customers building satellites, self-driving cars and medical devices. In 2017, Tempo raised a Series B of $20M to scale operations.

Rapid Expansion Brings a New Factory

Tempo's rapid growth continues into 2018, as the company completes its new, custom-built 43,000-sq ft factory and headquarters in the heart of San Francisco.

Get in touch and explore what’s possible.