Automotive PCBA Manufacturing

Tempo specializes in PCBA prototyping and on-demand production for autonomous vehicle (AV) and electric vehicle (EV) automotive applications. Accelerate product launches with production-level quality at prototyping speeds. High speed, HDI, RF, and high complexity board-ready.

Tempo and Automotive

Tempo Automation has the expertise and capabilities to ensure your AV & EV PCBAs meet or exceed the safety, quality, and reliability standards of the automotive industry. Tempo’s software-accelerated connected smart factory allows you to create custom boards that are accurate and reliable while providing enhanced transparency, bi-directional feedback, and control over every aspect of manufacturing.

Our PCBA manufacturing capabilities are specialized for extreme reliability in challenging end-used environments such as vibration and temperature cycling. Whether you are designing for high power (electric vehicles) or high speed with high density (autonomous vehicles), or both, Tempo supports rapid PCBA design development with industry-leading quality controls.

Tempo is ISO 9001:2015 and IPC-A-610/J-STD-001 Class 3 certified.


Our Certifications

Consumer Electronics Company
“Your boards even arrived before I could get a quote back from another provider.”
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