How to Save PCB Prototype Build Time for Designs with Vias in BGA Pads

Posted by Tom Anderson on 2 Oct, 2017

Manufacturing speed is critical for rapid prototyping. Did you know that via-in-pad increases board...

Robotics Design Tips, Part 3: How to Avoid Vibration Failures

Posted by Tom Anderson on 7 Jul, 2017

If your product moves, think about protecting printed circuit boards (PCBs) from excessive...

Protecting PCBs from Excessive Thermal Stress, Robotics Design Tips, Part 2

Posted by Tom Anderson on 21 Apr, 2017

If your product gets hot, think about how to protect printed circuit boards from excessive thermal...

Robotics Design Tips, Part 1: 3 Ways to Improve Radio Range

Posted by Tom Anderson on 13 Mar, 2017

Chances are, your robot's radio range is limited by interference. Improve range by minimizing...

Power Supply Filter Design for Printed Circuit Boards

Posted by Tom Anderson on 9 Jan, 2017


Incorrect power supply filter design leads to unreliable hardware. This is distressingly...

Optimize PC Board Shapes for Lower Cost

Posted by Tom Anderson on 20 Dec, 2016

"All I want is boards and dust!" - Boss

Non-optimal board shapes lead to scrap. Individual boards...

Choosing Connectors

Posted by Tom Anderson on 25 Nov, 2016

“Which connectors and connector companies are best? In my last project, connector lead time...

Corrosion in Printed Circuit Boards – Tempo Automation

Posted by Tom Anderson on 20 Nov, 2016
Dendrites often look like ferns

Prevent dendrites in accidental PC board batteries


How to Design Thermal Reliefs with Minimal Manufacturing Issues

Posted by Sophia Ouyang on 15 Oct, 2016
Thermal Relief Pads

Electronic components become smaller and smaller every year; the market,...

Hello, Diodes!

Posted by Tom Anderson on 12 Oct, 2016

After blinking a LED, say hello to more diodes: power rectifier, Zener, TVS, PIN switch, PIN...