Race through BOM Sourcing with Tempo Automation’s BOM Audit

May 7, 2019 , in Blog

Your BOM vs Reality

BOM sourcing is one of the first times your design meets reality. It is where you find out if the components you have chosen are actually procurable or not. This process can can quickly turn into a nightmare if your CM communicates slowly and inefficiently. In the worst case, your CM will let you know at the last moment that a component is unsourceable, forcing project delays while you scramble to find an alternate.

Shortening the Resolution Cycle

Today marks the release of Tempo Automation's BOM Audit, aimed at shortening this cycle. With a streamlined UI and more flexibility, you will be able to race through your BOM sourcing. Resolve sourcing issues off of the critical path so that when you kick off your build there are no surprises.

Feature Highlights

Issues Organized
Easily identify blocking issues and review warnings that could potentially delay your order using the new Issue, Warning, and Valid filter tabs


Stay Focused
View sourcing details and quickly resolve issues with the Detail View and easy navigation from line to line.

DNP on your terms
Take full control over individual reference designator placement within each BOM line.


Flexible Sourcing
Source specialized components with the Custom Vendor sourcing type.

Sourcing Streamlined

BOM sourcing is an essential part of setting up manufacturing for success, but it should not distract you from designing the next great product. The upgraded BOM Audit accelerates the sourcing process to save you time and reduces risk of build delays. BOM Audit represents just one of the ways we are working to give engineers the best build experience possible. Start an RFQ to see the BOM Audit.

For a full tutorial, see the video below:

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