Tempo Case Studies

From prototyping to production, leading product companies choose Tempo Automation for first-time-right electronics manufacturing. Read how Tempo’s software-driven approach accelerates innovation for customers across a variety of industries.

HSFL Partners with Tempo Automation to Deliver Novel Small Satellites

NAK Engineering delivers products on time and as intended with Tempo’s reliable PCBA manufacturing

Tempo Automation Empowers Electronics Design Firm NAK Engineering to Keep Commitments to Clients

NAK Engineering delivers products on time and as intended with Tempo’s reliable PCBA manufacturing

EUV Tech Selects Tempo Automation to Accelerate Semiconductor Manufacturing

Tempo assembles high-quality circuit boards for EUV Tech’s next generation of semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Intuitive Machines Partners with Tempo Automation to Streamline PCBA Manufacturing for its Lunar Lander

Tempo builds space-rated circuit boards integrated into Intuitive Machines’ Nova-C lander

Tempo’s Software-Driven PCB Manufacturing Platform Saves Development Time and Production Costs for a Wearable NPI

To Make a Wearable Disappear: Quick Iteration Enabled Spire’s Next-generation Product

The Search for a New CM Leads Hitachi Metals to Tempo Automation

And Introduces Them to PCB Manufacturing at a New Level of Speed and Precision

Tempo Automation Chosen to Help Mars 2020 Rover Avoid Any Contingencies During Landing Blackout

Tempo builds IPC Class 3 high-quality system boards for the Rover’s Entry, Descent, and Landing Camera system developed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Tempo’s Automated PCB Manufacturing Improves Predictability and Outcome of GE Healthcare’s Development Cycle

The Ability to Fail and Iterate Faster Reduces Development Time

How Tempo is Changing PCB Manufacturing for its Customers

Transforming the black box of PCB manufacturing to a white box experience leads to faster turnaround times, higher efficiency and better quality PCBs for a Flight Vehicle Manufacturer

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