Blur Product Development Relies on Tempo Automation to Bring Products to Market Faster

Tempo’s speed and high quality help Blur accelerate medical device product development

Needing a flexible assembly partner

Founded in 2015, Blur Product Development helps clients in Medical Device, Consumer Packaged Goods, Industrials, and more successfully bring new products to market. Their full suite of services take projects from a back-of-the-napkin design into full scale production.

With electrical, mechanical, and software engineers all in house, Blur iterates quickly from early design, through prototyping, and into production. In Tempo, Blur has found a PCB assembly partner who can keep up with their rapid pace while delivering the quality their clients demand.

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Speed comes first

Jeff Rosino, Partner at Blur, understands what it takes to be fast. “We work with Tempo because it’s all about iterating and progressing through the design lifecycle quickly.” Blur looks for flexibility in their partners, which comes down to the ability to make changes quickly.

Rosino cites Tempo’s ability to easily scale projects from quantities of 10 to 100 or more as a key reason he keeps coming back. “Quoting is fluid and proficient. We value Tempo’s ability to adapt POs to meet changing needs, especially given the current component availability constraints.”

Quality that further accelerates product development

Blur recently ran the same 50-board project through both Tempo and another PCBA vendor that promises quick turn times. While both assemblers were able to deliver boards quickly, Tempo’s quality stood out.

“With the other vendor, who was lower priced, we had almost 50% fallout on 50 circuit boards,” says Rosino.  “We had 0% fallout when running the same order through Tempo.”

Knowing that delays can cost their clients thousands of dollars each month, the team at Blur appreciates Tempo’s first-time-right board assemblies. Tempo’s quality helps Blur move quickly through prototyping and into production, ultimately bringing their clients’ projects to market faster. 

Maintaining a strong partnership

When it comes to electronics, the team at Blur knows they can rely on Tempo to meet or exceed their customers’ expectations. With exceptionally high acceptance rates and fast shipments, it’s an easy decision for Blur to continue to partner with Tempo. “Tempo’s quality paired with speed blows us away,” says Rosino. 

Design, build, iterate faster with Tempo

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