Tempo Automation Empowers Electronics Design Firm NAK Engineering to Keep Commitments to Clients

NAK Engineering delivers products on time and as intended with Tempo’s reliable PCBA manufacturing

The Benefits of Design Firms

Many hardware development companies employ electronics design firms to help solve complex technical challenges. Design firms present a dependable and flexible solution for companies who may lack the electronics experience needed to bring a product to market. From automotive to aerospace, and everything in between, electronics design firms help take ideas from concept to reality.

Partnering for Success

Imperative to a design firm’s success is a manufacturing partner who can reliably assemble high-quality printed circuit boards. This ensures that schedules, budgets, and deliveries can be provided to clients with confidence.

For Nick Knudson, President of NAK Engineering, partnering with Tempo Automation gives him this confidence. As Nick puts it, “Tempo allows me to make commitments to my clients and prospective clients which I know that I can keep.”

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Exciting Opportunities Present New Challenges

NAK Engineering is a design firm specializing in industrial devices, robotics, and consumer electronics. Their services include product design, firmware development, and PCB layout, among others. With locations across the country, NAK Engineering has become a go-to design firm partner for many companies including clients like Mattel, Nimble Robotics, and Syng.

A unique product NAK Engineering designed for a client was a fire safety unit. These devices are literal lifesavers during a fire emergency, as they are able to close doors, slow fires, and give people extra time to get to safety. To deliver this product, NAK Engineering needed a manufacturing partner who could quote quickly, provide confidentiality, and, most importantly, manufacture and assemble printed circuit boards on time and exactly as intended.

For Nick, Tempo Automation distinguished themselves early. He stated, “I was impressed by their state of the art facilities in the heart of San Francisco and their insanely quick turn time”.

NAK Engineering Selects Tempo to Assemble Fire Safety Units

Tempo’s straightforward quoting process enabled NAK Engineering to quickly quote their design in different configurations and present multiple options and prices to their client. Since Tempo accepts native CAD or ODB++ files, Nick simply uploaded his BOM and design files directly, regardless of file type, something many of his previous contract manufacturers could not do.

NAK Engineering also required security of their client’s intellectual property. With Tempo, Nick felt confident knowing his files and IP would be protected. He said, “Being able to automatically and instantaneously execute an MNDA with Tempo gives me and my clients the peace of mind that our intellectual property is being respected.”

Tempo’s reliable manufacturing of high-quality prototypes assured NAK Engineering their board performance would not be compromised. The Digital Thread streamlined the manufacturing process, presenting early DFM insights to minimize risks during assembly. This provided Nick confidence that the fire safety unit boards would be delivered on time and with design intent maintained.


Fire Safety Unit

Tempo Quickly Manufactures PCBAs Exactly As Intended

Tempo built 15 fire safety unit boards with 6 days turnaround. As expected, all 15 boards were delivered with 100% yield, having no boards fail during bring-up, providing ample time for tests and reworks. As a result, NAK Engineering delivered the product to their client on schedule and as the client expected.

“With Tempo we never have to worry about manufacturing quality - we always get what we design,” Nick said.

The partnership between NAK Engineering and Tempo continues to be a fruitful one. Over the years, Tempo has completed many other builds for NAK Engineering, including high power/high reliability industrial robotics, small form factor consumer electronics, and GPS modules. Working together, NAK Engineering and Tempo ensure clients receive a consistent product, on time, exactly as intended.

Design, build, iterate faster with Tempo

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