Design for Supply Chain

Adopt these 6 strategies as part of your NPI to hedge against risk and uncertainty

Global electronic component sourcing continues to face unprecedented disruption and uncertainty. OEMs are seeing weak points emerge as sourcing networks struggle with pandemics, extreme weather, and even political events that affect global trade.

Printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) in particular are sensitive to the current supply chain  challenges of semiconductors and other components, which can delay builds and jeopardize go-to-market plans of larger electronic projects and products. 

The top engineering and procurement teams are increasing their resiliency in the face of supply chain uncertainties by incorporating supply chain considerations into the earliest stages of new product development (NPI).

Download this eBook to uncover the latest in Design for Supply Chain best practices: 6 tips for staying on schedule during supply chain uncertainty. 

Topics covered:

  • Reducing Sourcing Complexity, and leveraging technology to simplify sourcing
  • Increasing Supply Chain Resilience, and improving processes to minimize supply risks
  • Increasing Supply Chain Agility, by taking actions to respond to supply chain issues quickly

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