Avoid DFM Traps On Your Next High-Speed Board Build

Learn how to improve your board design as well as your design process to manage the complexity of high-speed PCBs manufacture

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In this new eBook from Tempo, you will learn: the nuances of how high-speed design interacts with manufacturing; techniques that can save you design time; and how to properly specify Controlled Impedance and Controlled Dielectric boards for a CM.

Bringing a high-speed design to manufacture often reveals DFM constraints that could trap you in a build with long lead times, high costs, or even prove to be unmanufacturable.

Our eBook details how to avoid these traps by incorporating your CM into your design process. This will save DFM time and prevent manufacturing surprises on your next high-speed board build.

The key takeaways from this Tempo eBook include:

  • How to correctly characterize the “speed” of a design
  • Fast and High-Speed design techniques
  • Cost & lead time implications of high-speed board builds
  • Controlled Impedance and Controlled Dielectric specification


Get your copy to start making every high-speed build a success!

What Our Customers Are Saying


"Tempo Automation has delivered high quality builds in just a few days, which gives us that precious extra time for bring-up and debugging."

Dylan Jackson

Lead Embedded Engineer

Consumer Electronics Company

“Your boards even arrived before I could get a quote back from another provider.”

Electrical Engineer

Consumer Electronics Company

Hitachi Metals

"You guys are changing the contract manufacturing industry!"

William Higgins

Product Development Engineer

Aerospace company

“I've experienced the worst of the worst from other CM’s in the 8 years I've been an EE. I'm floored that you guys delivered on time and with no quality issues.”

Electrical Engineer

GE Healthcare Life Sciences

“Being able to fail faster had a direct impact on our timeline.”

Jason Metzner

Lead Electrical Engineer

Invention Lab

“Tempo is one of those rare services that's so good, I’m almost hesitant to recommend them to others since they provide such a competitive advantage to us…”

Hardware Engineer

Does Your Current CM Offer
Transparent Pricing?

Tempo does! Every request for quote (RFQ) from Tempo receives an itemized breakdown of costs. What's more, as you make your preference selections, we present you with any added costs or increases to delivery time that may be incurred—for example, the additional cost of selecting a custom silkscreen color.

When you receive your Tempo quote, our transparent pricing listing includes:

  • Fabrication costs per feature
  • Itemized assembly costs
  • Component costing per source

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