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Tempo Automation brings the benefits of software-enhanced PCB assembly to your development process.

The Tempo Digital Thread

Our proprietary automation software creates an unbroken digital thread from design to delivery. This makes it possible to optimize a complex process for a new level of speed and precision.

Auto CAD
Native CAD Files

Tempo’s system analyzes native CAD files (or IPC-2581 exports) to extract the rich, complete data required to take your design through automated quoting, DFM and manufacturing—creating an unbroken digital thread.

within Hours
Auto Quoting

Tempo’s proprietary platform employs machine algorithms to automatically analyze data from CAD and BOM files and generate a complete, detailed quote, showing where to optimize costs and lead time.

Same Day
Auto DFM

Tempo’s patented computational geometry algorithms analyze your design and provide instantaneous feature extraction, to identify and resolve potential manufacturing issues before they cause delays.

Connected Factory

Tempo’s factory automation software surfaces relevant data from native files and supplies contextual data in time for each step of the process—directly interfacing with machines on the factory floor for programming and setup.

Get your ideas and products to customers faster

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Identify & resolve quality issues before they happen

  • Real-time feature extraction and automatic BOM validation prevents production and sourcing issues

  • Automated data transfer between native files and machines eliminates manual entry errors


Build complex boards at high speed

  • Advanced machines for high-mix assembly, auto-programmed to minimize production time

  • Deep integration with component & fabrication partners enables fast quoting and turnaround


Hit deadlines & plan ahead with reliable on-time delivery

  • Real-time, reliable lead times based on supplier inventory and factory workload

  • Transparent production and delivery tracking with live updates


Spend your time engineering, not project managing

  • Self-service interface designed to streamline project management

  • Real-time, visual DFM and pricing feedback optimizes for speed and cost

A manufacturing system that gets smarter, faster, and more precise with every cycle

Our system learns with each order we process. This constantly improves our DFM database to boost manufacturing speed and quality, along with the accuracy of our quoted lead times.



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