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For critical and reliable energy requirements, Tempo’s expertise extends across multiple service and product sectors, including high-voltage power, renewable energy systems, industrial production, transportation, avionics, and more. Tempo leads PCB manufacturing service providers in fast turnarounds, efficient prototyping, and on-demand PCBA production. Partnering with Tempo ensures that your energy application PCBAs meet the highest standards for quality and reliability.

Efficient and Reliable Energy PCBA Manufacturing

Meeting the modern demands of the energy industry requires reliable circuit boards and electronics. Power system equipment such as monitors, controls, and switches must perform for years in the face of challenging conditions. In this high-stakes field, even slight variations in efficiency can have compounding effects when deployed at scale.


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PCBA Applications in Energy

PCBAs and circuit boards have a major effect on systems at every stage of the energy supply chain. Electronics include sensors, controllers, inverters, voltage regulators, digital relays, communications, and safety devices. Energy systems operating in generating stations, energy storage locations, transmission and distribution lines, and consumption facilities demand robust performance from PCBAs and their components to properly monitor, control, regulate, and drive conventional power system elements and advanced digitization implementations, including IoT. Electronic devices must also be resilient enough to handle high voltages and current or power fluctuations. Whether installed in external environments, within grid-tied facilities, or in standalone vehicles, many of these devices must withstand extreme conditions such as high temperature and thermal cycling, pressure cycling, vibrations, and shock for years to come. Specific applications for energy PCBAs include the following.


Energy PCBA Uses Energy Applications


PCBAs are essential elements in oil and gas extraction, energy harvesting from renewables, and converting energy from other sources. Energy boards provide sensory control and data acquisition (SCADA) operations. Common devices include DC-DC converters, inverters, power supplies, and DAQ boards.


Battery storage is critical for supplying power to portable or standalone electronic systems, such as EVs and AVs. The same is true for intermittent renewable sources such as solar and wind farms. PCBAs are commonly used for controllers, conversion, inversion, thermal regulation, battery management, and power distribution.


Transformation is a critical function throughout the energy grid system. Transformers that increase voltage for long-range transmission and decrease voltage for localized distribution require energy boards for conversion, distribution, regulation, and safety. These operations are also essential for factories and production facilities where power supplies are used to convert necessary voltage levels for production, offices, lighting, and more.

PCBA Energy Application - Industrial Facilities

Transmission and Distribution

Energy boards are designed to aid in transporting energy across long distances. Examples include carrying energy from oil and gas drilling operations, over lines rated up to 765 kV, and across standard 115V/208V lines to consumers. PCBAs and electronics are used to regulate these parameters to ensure analysis and control, including fault detection and alleviation, can maintain operational requirements.


Energy systems supply power to businesses, factories, commercial structures, and residential fixed location structures. However, with the rise in EVs that rely on battery storage systems, a sophisticated network of charging stations is also becoming a standard part of power system planning for most utilities and power providers–-ensuring they receive safe, reliable energy for years to come.


Tempo’s Energy PCBA Manufacturing Services

At Tempo Automation, we understand what technology is driving the grid and the challenges they pose for energy OEMs and ODMs. Whether you’re creating devices for high-power systems, harsh environments, electrical grids, or renewables, we bring advanced, software-driven PCB assembly to your energy PCBA board development process.

Tempo leads the PCBA manufacturing industry in quickly delivering reliable boards optimized for maximum power efficiency. Our proprietary software allows us to push the limits of electronics manufacturing, ensuring the highest quality boards at any production volume. From rapid quoting and DFM analysis to automated assembly and optical inspection, all of our systems and processes are connected to deliver production-quality board assemblies on demand.

Tempo’s digital thread manufacturing process leads the PCBA industry in building custom and complex boards with speed and accuracy. We partner with our customers to focus on delivering on-demand PCBAs that meet the high-quality standards of your energy board development process. If you are ready to have your design manufactured, use our online quote tool to upload your CAD and BOM files. For more information on how to optimize your energy PCBA manufacturing, contact us.

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