Pacific Design and Manufacturing 2018, February 6-8, Anaheim, CA

January 30, 2018 , in Events

Tempo will exhibit at Pacific Design and Manufacturing 2018 in Anaheim, California. Visitors to booth #3998 can experience the Tempo online PCBA order platform for real-time quoting.  We’re also pleased to announce that we will also be showcasing our new Tempo PCB Board Visualizer tool, the online interactive web representation of an uploaded CAD design file. With the PCB Board Visualizer, engineers can confirm “Do Not Place” (DNP) designations as well as all component placements and orientations.

Pacific Design and Manufacturing 2018 Anaheim

Pacific Design and Manufacturing is North America’s largest design manufacturing conference. The conference this year will deliver two tracks of smart manufacturing and 3D education plus an additional medtech conference program. Attendees will get up to speed with the smart manufacturing strategies and techniques that are raising factory floor IQ and leading to faster development cycles and lower costs. The Pacific expo is one of nine annual advanced design and manufacturing events hosted by UBM. More information is available at PacDesignShow.DesignNews.

Image of an analyzed design in the Tempo PCB Board Visualizer

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