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Our First Designer + Manufacturer Webinar

As designers of HDI PCBs, all too often you only have partial visibility into what your CM is doing and what the implications of your design decisions are. This uncertainty increases the risk of designs taking longer to build and being more expensive than they need to be, or even designs that are completely unmanufacturable. 

This first Designer + Manufacturer webinar will bring designers and manufacturers together to discuss challenges and solutions of DFM for HDI PCBs and provide information critical for designers to have a successful HDI board build. To provide designers with real-world examples of HDI challenges, David Graham, General Manager of Powerbeam, Inc. will present two design case studies:

  • Case Study 1   A design with a high pin-count and small pitch BGA that is typically seen in high performance applications
  • Case Study 2   A design with very tight mechanical restrictions typically seen in commercial electronics

Then from the manufacturing perspective, Ryan Saul, VP of Manufacturing at Tempo will discuss the key manufacturing implications that affect the case study designs. Attendees to this live webinar will have an opportunity to put their questions to David and Ryan during the Q&A session at the end of the presentation. 

Webinar Takeaways

  • Get effective techniques for stackup design, component placement routing, and thermal management
  • See how specific design decisions effect manufacturing yields
  • Learn how to avoid unmanufacturable traps
  • Build your expertise in designing to optimize your HDI board designs for lead time and cost

Tempo Automation Designer + Manufacturer Webinar Series has been developed to offer a forum for open dialog between designers and manufacturers. Our goal is to open up the black box of PCB manufacturing to promote a deeper understanding of the impact of design decisions.  

Access the recording and start making every HDI build a success!


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