No More Manual BOM Scrubbing for PCBAg

With the Tempo BOM Analyzer, you can:

  • Search for what is in-stock now
  • Find the best price for generic components
  • Find, select and download documentation in 1 step
  • Identify errors, omissions and obsolesence
  • Validate your file instantly
  • Specify what to consign and what to omit

Complete the form below to download stack-up and
design rules files for Altium:

  • 2-8 layers
  • Board thickness of 0.031 or 0.062
  • Outer or inner copper weights of 1-4 oz
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Does Your Current CM Offer
Transparent Pricing?

Tempo does! Every request for quote (RFQ) from Tempo receives an itemized breakdown of costs. What's more, as you make your preference selections, we present you with any added costs or increases to delivery time that may be incurred—for example, the additional cost of selecting a custom silkscreen color.

When you receive your Tempo quote, our transparent pricing listing includes:

  • Fabrication costs per feature
  • Itemized assembly costs
  • Component costing per source

How to Import and Use Our Stack-up and DRC Files in Altium

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Try out the Tempo quoting experience with an older or test design. Need help with creating a BOM? Feel free to use our BOM template. We're available to help you along the way via our chat tool if you have any questions or need some advice on building your quote. Learn more about our capabilites and manufacturing specifications by visiting the Tempo Automation website.

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