A New Timesaving Tool in a Design Team’s Arsenal—EE Concierge

June 12, 2017 , in News

As Tempo Automation moves the dial in electronics manufacturing, we’re keen to discover new tools and practices to improve the speed of hardware development. This month, we’re excited to spread the word about Upverter‘s launch of EE Concierge, a new comprehensive parts verification service.

Tempo Announces EE Concierge

Tempo has enabled rapid-iteration prototyping for many innovative, fast-moving companies. Common to many of our clients is the concept of highly distributed engineering or design teams. While this model enables many benefits in terms of speed of innovation, there remain a few challenges that can slow the design process such as a lack of standardized toolsets or centralized parts library.

As always, time is money, and for many design teams the effort to build and maintain a parts library—an ever growing and evolving chore—can be a huge time and resource drain.  However, the worry about parts accuracy in a design is real, and often translates into 8-16 hours of effort sunk into building just one high pin count symbol and footprint. EE Concierge’s software, AI and distributed team of electrical engineers, the culmination of 2 years of development by Upverter, have made it possible to get verified, 100% accurate parts data overnight.

In the prototype assembly process, a footprint mistake can lead to rework or potentially a re-spin of an entire project, costing both time and money. Verifying parts with EE Concierge avoids these mistakes, saving time during both the design and prototyping stages. And when you’ve got that level of confidence in the components you’re using, your team will be empowered to build hardware faster.

Learn about EE Concierge’s verification process by visiting www.eeconcierge.com.

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