Tempo Automation Senior Director of Sales Engineering Ryan Saul to Speak at American Medical Device Summit 2021

Tempo Automation Senior Director of Sales Engineering Ryan Saul to Speak at American Medical Device Summit 2021

On Oct. 26 medical device teams will gain solutions for today’s NPI challenges

SAN FRANCISCO, October 26, 2021 — TempoAutomation, the world’s leading software-accelerated electronics manufacturer, today announced that Ryan Saul, the company’s Senior Director of Sales Engineering, will lead a virtual lunch and learn session at the American Medical Device Summit entitled, “Keys to Accelerating Medical Device PCBA NPO in 2021.” With the uncertainties of supply chain challenges in 2021, this session will gather top leaders and innovators in the medical device field to discuss key challenges and solutions for medical device new product introduction (NPI) teams, focusing on accelerating printed circuit board development.

Tempo Automation will also exhibit on Oct. 26-28. Attendees can visit the company’s virtual booth to learn why leading product companies partner with Tempo to accelerate innovation in an era of supply chain constraints.

What: American Medical Device Summit 2021

Who: Ryan Saul, senior director of sales engineering at Tempo Automation

When: Oct. 26, 2021, 1:10-1:50 p.m. EST

Event Details: Setting the standard on how the industry should connect and exchange ideas, the American Medical Device Summit provides insights and strategies to enhance the professional development of executives involved in the design, product development, innovation, technology and quality/ regulatory aspects of medical devices. During the event, Tempo, along with over 250 industry leaders, will explore the challenges and opportunities in medical device innovation.

For more information on the American Medical Device Summit, including a full schedule of events, visit  amdsummit.com.

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Tempo Automation is the leading software-accelerated electronics manufacturer, revolutionizing the way top companies innovate and bring new products to market. Tempo’s automated manufacturing platform optimizes the complex process of PCBA manufacturing to deliver unmatched quality, speed and agility, unlike any other low-volume manufacturer. The platform’s all-digital process automation, data-driven intelligence, and connected smart factory create a breakthrough competitive advantage for customers—to deliver tomorrow’s products today. From rockets to robots, autonomous cars to drones, many of the fastest-moving companies in industrial tech, medical technology, space, and other industries partner with Tempo to accelerate innovation and set a new tempo for progress. Learn more at tempoautomation.com.


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