Tempo Automation Takes a Stand for PCBA Pricing Transparency

May 12, 2017 , in News

Hardware development has earned a bad reputation in recent years. Unless you’ve done it before you’ll hear things like “it’s expensive”, “it’s complicated”, or “don’t do it”. At Tempo Automation, we’re on a mission to change that experience and so in our April 2017 system release we’ve tackled a big problem—PCBA pricing transparency.

The pricing practices that have developed over the past 30 years are archaic and unfair. In order to build a prototype companies shop around quotes, and do reverse engineering on what exactly drove the prices up.  It’s frustrating and not efficient.  The Tempo development team has worked hard over the past 6 months to create a transparent pricing algorithm which provides a full cost breakdown and presents the extra time or cost implications of the board preference options customers select.

Tempo Pricing Transparency

Right after you upload your CAD file and your Bill of Materials (BOM), our software analyzes the layers, components, vias and a myriad of other data points to optimize the price and delivery date of your quote. For many requests with Altium CAD files (.pcbdoc), we can present an instant quote with transparent pricing. Requests based on other CAD formats currently require a quick human review (normally 2 hours or less) to produce a fully transparent quote.

Tempo Pricing Breakdown

With our Transparent Pricing quotes, you can go back, update your design and optimize for lower price and delivery time!  We do this for every quote.

The PCBA industry has been getting away with obfuscation and price discrimination for way too long.  We believe the guesswork should be taken out of this process.  Tempo customers can now not only rely on our speed to go-to-market faster, but also control their budgets.  Does that mean that Tempo serves up the cheapest quote every time? Not always, but with us you know what you are paying for—speed and transparency.

Our quoting algorithms are getting better with every new design quoted.  Try out the new Transparent Pricing and more in Tempo online quoting today and tell us about your experience.

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