Custom PCBAs That Accelerate Semiconductor Development

In early development, Semiconductor companies trust Tempo for reliable Validation and Characterization boards that expedite product development. Tempo’s automated smart factory delivers the highest quality boards, on demand, and at low volumes.

Tempo also supports Evaluation and Development boards for semiconductor manufacturers. Our automated process quickly delivers reliable boards for client use and testing. We support the full lifecycle of your semiconductors, making it easy to reorder boards with slight design iterations, and offering Just-In-Time delivery.


Semiconductor Development Requires High Quality

PCBA designed around a primary semiconductor

Each step in bringing semiconductors to market involves robust testing. Properly evaluating the performance of integrated chips requires removing as many other variables as possible. Engineers simply can’t afford to spend time debugging boards when evaluating their ICs. 


Tempo’s platform collects and analyzes hundreds of datapoints at each step in our automated PCB assembly process, ensuring each board that comes off the line is made to your exacting standards. Our digital thread throughout our smart factory delivers best-in-class results for even the most complex boards.

PCBAs for Semiconductor Development

Validation Boards

No matter how complex the board, Tempo delivers first-time-right Validation Boards quickly. Engineers are then able to test their ICs with confidence, iterate their board designs if necessary, and move into the next stage of semiconductor development.

Characterization Boards

Tempo’s automated production lines can quickly manufacture more complex boards up to the demands of the most rigorous voltage, temperature, and frequency ranges. Engineers trust Tempo to produce the boards that won’t fail, allowing for more confident testing of their ICs.

Evaluation Boards

Tempo offers on-demand production of evaluation boards in quantities from 1 to 1,000+. With Tempo, you can let your customers focus on testing you chips, not debugging boards.

Development Boards

By pushing the limits of what is manufacturable, Tempo's Smart Factory can meet the needs of the most demanding and complex development boards.

Semiconductor boards differ from most other custom PCBAs because they are not intended for a single application. Instead, these boards are meant to be applied widely and across many different industries. The boards may be used as samples to display capabilities, or they may be installed into a larger system for faster bringup. When designing and building semiconductor boards, reliability is the key attribute, regardless of how the board is utilized.

Optimized PCBA Manufacturing for Semiconductor Development

At Tempo, we build boards that are IPC Class 3 compliant and meet  IPC-6012DS Class 3A standards for space and military applications. We source components from a wide network of reliable suppliers offering authentic components with full traceability. We offer consigned inventory options, with inventory controls built into our quoting, DFM, and manufacturing processes.

Our smart factory in San Francisco uses advanced software at every stage of assembly. This digital thread manufacturing process allows us to build high-quality boards quickly, and at quantities from 1-1,000+.

During the build process, boards pass through multiple checkpoints and inspections to ensure quality, including AOI and X-ray inspection. ROSE tests validate the cleanliness of in-line washing. All reworks are traceable back to the board, component location, and process.

Tempo smart PCBA manufacturing facility

Tempo’s digital thread manufacturing process leads the PCBA industry in building custom and complex boards fast and precisely. We partner with our customers to focus on delivering on-demand PCBAs that meet the high-quality standards for your semiconductor board development. If you are ready to have your design manufactured, use our online quote tool to upload your CAD and BOM files.

For more information on how to optimize your semiconductor PCB services, contact us today.

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