Space PCBA Manufacturing

Tempo specializes in the prototyping and flight-ready production of printed circuit board assemblies with high reliability for terrestrial, orbital, and interplanetary environments. From aircraft, to launch vehicles, satellites, and planetary landers/rovers, Tempo is the leader in PCBA development for space applications. Extreme environment, high speed, HDI, RF, and high complexity board-ready.

Tempo and Space

Tempo’s customers include some of the world’s largest makers of aircraft, satellites, and space launch systems, dynamic NewSpace innovators, and government agencies. From prototyping to production of flight-ready boards, our factory manufactures printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) that meet the toughest requirements for terrestrial, orbital, and interplanetary applications.

Tempo Automation has the expertise and capabilities to ensure that your aerospace PCBAs meet or exceed your design goals and industry requirements. With our proprietary software-driven platform, secure web portal, and smart PCBA factory, Tempo provides speed, quality, transparency, and security.

Tempo’s San Francisco-based automated factory is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified, as well as IPC-A-610/J-STD-001 Class 3 certified. In fact, we are one of only three companies in the world to receive IPC site certification for the J-STD-001 Space/Military Addendum assembly standard. Our facility is also ITAR-registered.



Intuitive Machines
"Working with Tempo allows us to prototype rapidly and move to flight finalization with true confidence."
Steve Altemus, President and CEO
Intuitive Machines
Tempo's streamlined manufacturing process and rapid turnkey production times help us to iterate our products fast and focus more on innovating them. Tempo Automation produces great quality flight-rated boards in a very competitive lead time, and that's what it takes for Intuitive Machines to get to the moon.
Dmytro Moyseyev, Avionics Engineer
Lockheed Martin
"We chose to work with Tempo Automation because they have focused their technology from the beginning to embrace software automation on both the front- and back-end, intended to create a digital thread from design to delivery."
Jeff Wilcox, Vice President of Enterprise Transformation

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