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An interactive web series for hardware innovators

Achieving rapid innovation in hardware development is a challenging endeavor. Pushing new technology boundaries under tight schedules with little room for delays puts pressure on hardware development teams and their manufacturing partners to maximize each PCB prototype and NPI cycle. Getting to a reliable new PCB design, efficiently, can be the difference between hitting a product launch date or extending your time-to-market.

At Tempo Talks, we’ve put together a collection of tactical and strategic best practices to help hardware teams bring new PCB designs to market quickly, efficiently, and reliably. Join us to hear directly from our PCB experts, and submit questions ahead of each session to be answered on the live broadcast.

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Tempo Talk #1: High-leverage PCB design decisions to streamline your build
Available ondemand. Original live date: Thursday, May 27th, 10am PT / 1pm ET

Whether you are designing a first rev proto board, validating existing designs, or ramping for production, your design decisions will be the key driver of manufacturing speed and risk. Watch this ondemand session to learn 5 high-leverage PCB design decisions that can streamline your next build.


Ralph Richart  Ralph Richart, Chief Technology Officer and VP Manufacturing

Ryan Saul  Ryan Saul, Sr. Director Sales Engineering


Tempo Talk #2: Mastering PCB Validation and Transitioning to Production
Wednesday, June 30th, 10am PT / 1pm ET

Scaling from prototype quantities to production-level volumes introduces new challenges into the PCB development cycle. Hitting specific cost and speed targets, meeting production requirements, and transitioning your design seamlessly from one supplier to the next presents a host of unique tradeoffs and considerations best analyzed early in the build cycle. Join us to discuss how to master PCB validation and transition to production.


Ralph Richart  Ralph Richart, Chief Technology Officer and VP Manufacturing

Ryan Saul  Ryan Saul, Sr. Director Sales Engineering

(Optional) Tempo encourages you to submit a related PCB question before the event. Select questions will be answered live on the broadcast. The question submission form will be emailed to all registrants.

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The PCB Design Development Checklist

Get products to market faster and with confidence.

Tempo Automation is committed to helping our customers stay on schedule and avoid the pitfalls that lead to trouble. As such, we have compiled The PCB Design Development Checklist, a collection of 24 design and build data best practices from Tempo’s experience with our most complex projects and clients, created to help engineering teams increase yield and stay on build schedule.

Download this checklist to uncover 24 critical decisions that can impact your build across these development stages: Design, Pre-Quote, Validation, Transitioning to Production.


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