Challenges Facing Intuitive Machines in Returning the US to the Moon

Ondemand Webinar

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NASA selected the Intuitive Machines Nova C Lunar Lander to deliver commercial payloads to the moon across several missions in 2022. With various payloads including a rover, communications equipment, and assorted scientific instruments, the design team needs to adapt quickly to changing specifications.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Intuitive Machines' upcoming 2022 lunar mission
  • The unique engineering challenges the Nova C Lunar project overcame
  • Responses the design team made to quickly adapt to changing specifications from multiple vendors
  • How software-accelerated manufacturing supports space missions

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Ryan Saul
Sr. Director Sales Engineering
Tempo Automation

Dmytro Moyseyev / Aviation Engineer / Intuitive Machines

Dmytro Moyseyev
Avionics Engineer
Intuitive Machines

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