Your Guide to PCB Assembly Services


PCB assembly, the second phase of electronic circuit board manufacturing, is the proving ground for your board’s construction. As such, it is important that your contract manufacturer’s (CM) assembly process meets industry standards. This includes adhering to the IPC classification performance regulations for your board’s specific application. And although there are well-defined steps involved, PCB assembly services can vary significantly. Therefore, it’s crucial that you work with a CM that not only excels at providing the essentials, but also incorporates advanced processes and equipment to deliver optimized PCB assembly services for any level of complexity your design requires.

Tempo‘s Digital Automated PCB Assembly Services

Tempo’s digital thread manufacturing process leads the PCBA industry in building custom and complex boards quickly and precisely. Working with us is a symbiotic partnership focused on delivering prototype and on-demand PCBAs that meet the high quality standards for your system development and applications. For more information on our automated PCB assembly services, contact us.


PCB Assembly Service Essentials

The primary objective of the CM’s PCB assembly process is to populate your fabricated bare board with the engineer's or board designer’s selected components. This process includes board preparation, component placement, soldering, inspection, depanelization, and testing. The quality, efficiency, and cost of the PCB assembly process depends on a number of design factors:

Design Factors for PCB Assembly Services

Incorporating the above factors into your board design process will typically result in successful board builds. However, when speed, quality, accuracy, and reliability are premium concerns, it’s important that you partner with the best PCB assembly services provider for your design. 

PCB Assembly Services Optimization

The proliferation of electronic circuit boards over the past few decades has resulted in smarter products in virtually all industries, including the medical device, aerospace, and automotive sectors. These achievements are possible because of advancements in electronic circuit board functionality, capabilities, and manufacturing. The most significant manufacturing improvement is the incorporation of digital PCB assembly processes.

The three keys to successfully optimizing your PCB assembly services are employing the right strategy, applying the right process, and working with the right team.


PCB Assembly Services Optimization Strategy

When building custom circuit boards, weighing output quality against costs is always a prudent strategy. At Tempo, we believe the developer-CM relationship should be transparent and symbiotic. We’ll work with you from day one of design to help you devise the best strategy for your project. Factors that yield the best results include:

PCB Assembly Services Optimization Process

Today’s compact, high-performance circuit boards need the accuracy and repeatability that only a digital process can deliver. Tempo’s digital-thread manufacturing offers unique advantages over manual-based board building, such as: 


Tempo’s Integrated Digital Thread PCBA Services

Tempo’s digital thread process leads the PCBA industry in building custom and complex boards with unmatched speed and precision. Partnering with us gives you access to an experienced team of professionals focused on delivering boards that meet or exceed the highest quality industry standards for PCB assembly while incorporating your design intent.

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